Other activities


Academic activities:

The academic staff of the Laboratory supervises a number of post-graduate diplomas (Ph.D). The total number of PhD's competed during the last 10 years are ten (10) and eight (8) are in progress.
The academic staff of the Laboratory has published a series of books, which in alphabetical order are:

  • Airports: Design and Construction, Prof. A. Nikolaides
  • Design and Construction of railway infrastructure, Prof. Chr. Pyrgidis
  • Earthworks and technical works, Prof. A. Mouratidis
  • Environmental Highway Engineering, Prof. Tsohos
  • Highway Design: Vol. 1: Geometric design, Dr. A. Kimoundris
  • Highway Engineering: Pavements, Materials, Quality control, Prof. A. Nikolaides
  • Management of roads and road works, Prof. A. Mouratidis,
  • Pavement Design Methodology for flexible pavements, Prof. A. Nikolaides,

The academic staff of the Laboratory participates in International and National Committees and forums as well as in International groups of specialists.
Consultancy work
The Highway Engineering Laboratory undertakes, through the University's Research Council office, consultancy work from the public and private sector. By this, the necessary bonds between Industry and University are strengthening even further