Welcome to Highway Engineering Laboratory



The Highway Engineering Laboratory deals with the following main subjects: Highway Engineering, Airport Engineering and Railway Engineering. In particular, The Highway Engineering Laboratory specializes in Highway geometric alignment, pavement design, materials in road construction (asphalt, bituminous and unbound materials), pavement maintenance and rehabilitation, pavement, highway management systems and network operation, road safety, airport design, railway design and maintenance and environmental impact studies for roads.

The Highway Engineering Laboratory has been established in 1990 with Decree-law 317/13.9.90 - Governmental Paper 130/27/9/90, within the framework of Civil Engineering Department. The Laboratory, ever since its establishment, has been developed tremendously as far as laboratory equipment and scientific/research activities.

It is housed in Block D of the University buildings, where the laboratory facilities are housed in an area of approx. 400m2, and in the 1st and 6th floor of the main building of the Civil Engineering Department, where staff and secretarial offices are housed an area of approx. 200m2.

Apart from its academic and research activities the Highway Engineering Laboratory organizes Seminars and International Conferences. The most popular even is the International Conference on Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements (ICONFBMP) organized, since 1992, every four (4) years.